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District-Charter Compacts

Cleveland Education Compact

December, 2015

The Cleveland Education Compact formalizes a partnership between Cleveland Metropolitan School District, charter school leaders, and local civic leaders.

Tulsa: Emergent District-Charter Collaboration

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tulsa, which operates in a state not widely receptive to charter schools, has set a bold course of collaboration between the district and charter sectors. Following a difficult history that included anti-charter litigation in 2007 by Tulsa Public Schools, TPS and three district-authorized charter schools signed a District-Charter Collaboration Compact in January 2014. Superintendent Keith Ballard, who took the helm of the district in 2008, has been instrumental in articulating the role charters can play alongside district schools to improve student outcomes.

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Aldine Collaboration Compact

November, 2013

In this collaboration compact, Aldine Public Schools and YES Prep commit to: transforming low-performing seats into top-performing seats, creating a model of smarter district spending, empowering parents as discerning consumers of educational choice, and improving Aldine ISD’s college graduation rates.

Spokane Collaboration Compact

April, 2014

In this Spokane collaboration compact, the district and charter sector are working toward closing the achievement gap and ensuring that all students are prepared for a variety of post-secondary pursuits.

Franklin-McKinley High Quality Schools Compact

December, 2013

In this Franklin-McKinley Collaboration Compact, the district and charter schools, along with their community partners, are committing to dramatically increase the number of high performing seats for students. They are committing to increase student achievement and college readiness, develop great school leaders, and implement system-wide accountability.

Spring Branch District-Charter Collaboration Compact

December, 2011

In this Spring Branch collaboration compact, the district and charter schools have committed to develop avenues for common leadership development, establish a common longitudinal data system, and to collaborate across campuses to share best practices and norm expectations for student performance.

New Orleans District-Charter Collaboration Compact

June, 2012

In this New Orleans collaboration compact, the district and charter schools are working towards a universal enrollment system, a transparent facility assignment process, and a common school report card.

New York City District-Charter Collaboration Compact

December, 2010

In this New York City collaboration compact, district and charter schools are working towards transparency regarding student mobility and achievement data, providing access to school district economies of scale, and expanding and replicating the most effective schools in the city.

Nashville District-Charter Collaboration Compact

December, 2010

In this Nashville-Davidson County collaboration compact, the district and charter schools have committed to create common high performing school indicators, share demographic and achievement data on charter schools, and make available central office resources to charter schools.


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