Transformative, Evidence-Based Ideas

Focus Area:

Traditional school finance research tracks how the government distributes funds among school districts.

Instead, we focus on how districts and schools use their funds and how these uses affect students’ learning opportunities. We hope to help district and school leaders structure policy and allocate funds in ways that use every dollar to the students’ maximum benefit.

School Districts Across the Nation Plan for An Uncertain Year Ahead

This brief gives a snapshot of how school districts across the country are currently planning for fall 2020, how they are planning for contingencies of COVID-19 spread, and how this varies based on district characteristics....

The Tradeoff Between Teacher Wages and Layoffs to Meet Budget Cuts

This analysis shows that school districts faced with large budget gaps could avoid some or all teacher layoffs by rolling back salaries.

Ensuring All Students in Indiana Receive Their Fair Share of Funding

School-funding changes over the last decade have created funding inequities for Indiana’s students from low-income communities, students with disabilities, English language learners, and students in public charter schools—inequities which will likely be exacerbated by COVID-19....

Learning Inside and Outside of School: What Can the Four-Day Week Teach Us?

Thousands of students in about half of Colorado’s school districts attend school four days a week. These small, rural districts try to do in four slightly longer days what others accomplish in five. Why? Some...

How a proposal for flexible funding can help families close the enrichment gap

In education policy debates, we often talk about inequality as if it was primarily driven by learning that happens—or doesn’t happen—in schools. But out-of-school learning matters too. Sports and recreational programs can cultivate teamwork, passion,...

Thinking Forward: New Ideas for a New Era of Public Education

These essays rethink foundational aspects of the current education system and offer new ideas to shift the lens from schools to students. 

Removing the Boundaries Between High School, College, and Career

Twenty-five years ago, CRPE was founded on the idea of the school as the locus of change. Today we are reexamining our old assumptions in light of new technical possibilities, changes in the economy, and...

What Do We Actually Know about the Four-Day School Week?

This brief on the four-day school week answers common questions about its scope and trends and points out what is not yet known about the impacts on students and districts.

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