Transformative, Evidence-Based Ideas

Focus Area:

Traditional school finance research tracks how the government distributes funds among school districts.

Instead, we focus on how districts and schools use their funds and how these uses affect students’ learning opportunities. We hope to help district and school leaders structure policy and allocate funds in ways that use every dollar to the students’ maximum benefit.

From the Headlines to the Frontlines: The Teacher Shortage and its Implications for Recruitment Policy

This report suggests that even with the economic slowdown and the sense of relief from a pending teacher shortage, districts will continue to struggle to get and keep good teachers unless they make dramatic changes...

A Matter of Definition: Is There Truly a Shortage of School Principals?

This report finds that although some districts and areas are experiencing difficulties finding good school principals, there are far more candidates interested in assuming school leadership roles than there are principal vacancies to fill.

BRIEF – A Matter of Definition: Is There Truly a Shortage of School Principals?

This research brief relates to a CRPE report that finds, despite widespread publicity about a shortage of school principals, there are far more candidates certified to be principals than there are principal vacancies to fill....

Philanthropic Due Diligence: Exploratory Case Studies to Improve Investments in Urban Schools

Many foundations have put funds into urban school reform. The paper suggests that foundation giving needs to be backed up by a clear theory of change and that foundation officials need to know whether the...

The Future of School Facilities: Getting Ahead of the Curve

This paper looks at five trends in education and what they imply about the kinds of buildings and spaces districts will need for tomorrow’s schools.

A New Look at Inequities in School Funding: A Presentation on the Resource Variations Within Districts

This paper presents the first results of a series of studies on within-district spending patterns. It provides an overview of some early analysis of variations in spending among schools within three districts.

Are Charter Schools Getting More Money into the Classroom? A Micro-Financial Analysis of First Year Charter Schools in Massachusetts

This report examines the first-year finances of Massachusetts charter schools.

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