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Human Capital

There is no doubt about how important teachers and leaders are to student learning.

That is why leaders across the country are rethinking how their districts and schools manage teacher and leader talent. To inform these management improvement efforts, CRPE examines pressing problems and new approaches related to how districts and schools find, develop, and keep teacher and leader talent.

“The most professionally satisfied I’ve been.” How could the best aspects of learning pod staffing be scaled up?

Pod staffing arrangements have the potential to be replicated at a much larger scale and in a way that endures beyond the pandemic.

The Tradeoff Between Teacher Wages and Layoffs to Meet Budget Cuts

This analysis shows that school districts faced with large budget gaps could avoid some or all teacher layoffs by rolling back salaries.

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Promising Local Strategies for Improving Charter School Teacher Supply

September’s jobs report gave us a picture of this year’s teacher shortfall compared to 2017. From last year to this, not much has changed. For some this could be good news—at least things aren’t getting...

San Antonio ISD’s Innovations Offer National Lessons

The term “portfolio district” has taken on a life of its own these days. For some, it refers to places with a lot of charter schools and some coordination function. For others, it means having...

We Need to Prepare A New Generation of Education Systems Leaders

For more than a year, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the president of the American Federation of Teachers have been engaged in a bitter dispute about the public and private purposes of education in...

Robin Lake to LAUSD: Stop searching for the next superhero — hand your schools the cape

For the fifth time in the past 10 years, LAUSD is searching for a new superintendent. The school board’s list of required qualifications likely include: Able to drive and execute on an academic improvement vision...

Wanted: District Leaders Who Can Make Tough Choices

The many big cities now looking for school superintendents—Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Newark, Seattle, and Washington, D.C., among them—need to pay attention to what has happened in Chicago. Like Chicago, these districts face big...

Three Ways Charter Schools Can Make Sure They Recruit, Hire, and Retain the Teachers They Need

Summer vacation may still be months away, but school leaders across the country are already gearing up to hire teachers for the next school year. Many will find themselves in the same predicament they’ve faced...

Passing Notes: Learning from Efforts to Share Instructional Practices Across District-Charter Lines

This report examines recent efforts of districts and charter schools to share key instructional practices and offers recommendations for education leaders to move forward.

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