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Human Capital

There is no doubt about how important teachers and leaders are to student learning.

That is why leaders across the country are rethinking how their districts and schools manage teacher and leader talent. To inform these management improvement efforts, CRPE examines pressing problems and new approaches related to how districts and schools find, develop, and keep teacher and leader talent.

How Superintendents Can Be Effective In Local Politics

This commentary by Paul Hill originally appeared on the School Superintendent Association’s website in The Leading Edge Blog. We at CRPE have been working with superintendent-led initiatives for nearly three decades. We’ve seen a lot...

Three Ways Superintendents Can Increase Their Influence

Some years ago CRPE published An Impossible Job? A View from the Urban Superintendent’s Chair. It detailed the many things stacked against a district superintendent’s success, including politics, bureaucracy, union dominance of school boards, and...

The Unavoidable Politics of Education Reform

In K–12 education, politics is the great equalizer. It has killed initiatives from the right and from the left, from top-down district curriculum mandates to site-based management. Common Core State Standards, test-based accountability, and the...

Unlocking Potential: How Political Skill Can Maximize Superintendent Effectiveness

This paper examines the characteristics of effective superintendents and offers guidance for current and aspiring district leaders as well as those offering superintendent training programs.

The “City of Firsts” Charts a New Path on Turnaround

This case study profiles the unique school improvement effort in Springfield, MA, and compares it with other turnaround strategies.

Tapping the Political Power of State Chiefs

Many have observed that the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act provides states a prime opportunity to support improvement in K-12 education. But can state chiefs, historically weak and with few formal powers, deliver?...

The Power of Persuasion: A Model for Effective Political Leadership by State Chiefs

Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim offer ideas and examples for how state chiefs can best use their powers to effectively lead the improvement of schools and districts.

A Better Future for Rural Communities Starts at the Schoolhouse

Donald Trump’s voters in rural areas and small towns made a point: they were left behind while a lot of the country made economic progress and they want that to change. It doesn’t matter whether...

Sticking Points: How School Districts Experience Implementing the Portfolio Strategy

This analysis of trends across portfolio districts shows where cities are making progress on strategy implementation and where they are getting bogged down.

Wells Fargo and the Atlanta Schools Testing Scandal

To people in education, the Wells Fargo scandal sounds eerily familiar. Top executives tried to increase performance by setting ambitious goals for opening new accounts, and attaching big rewards and penalties. Managers believed internal reports...

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