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Human Capital

There is no doubt about how important teachers and leaders are to student learning.

That is why leaders across the country are rethinking how their districts and schools manage teacher and leader talent. To inform these management improvement efforts, CRPE examines pressing problems and new approaches related to how districts and schools find, develop, and keep teacher and leader talent.

Personalized Learning Can’t Ignore School Leaders

This is the third in our series of “Notes From the Field” on personalized learning. Over the course of this project we’ve heard a lot from schools about what personalized learning (PL) means for teachers...

What’s at Stake in the Ongoing Fight About School Spending Comparability?

On the surface, the current dispute about Title I comparability (the requirement that schools within a district must receive comparable resources from state and local sources for education of disadvantaged children before federal funds are...

Principals Are Not at the Top of States’ Talent Agenda—But They Should Be

Teachers have been at the center of most states’ talent discussions to date. Although principals play a critical role in virtually all school-improvement reform efforts, most states lack a coherent school leadership strategy. This is...

The Street-Level Politics of School Reform

Paul Hill and Ashley Jochim profile portfolio strategy efforts in five cities and offer lessons for leaders to sustain long-term education reform amid political opposition.

The Portfolio Strategy CEO: The Job and How to Prepare for It

This primer for portfolio strategy leaders identifies the main challenges of the job and how to approach them.

Washington State Can’t Waive Need for Strong School Principals

Washington has become a national curiosity as the first state to have its No Child Left Behind waiver revoked. Last week Washington State was forced to announce that more than 400 schools haven’t met their...

School Leadership in Washington State: Today’s Leaders and Key Challenges They Face

This brief discusses the ever-increasing importance of Washington State’s school principals and provides descriptive analyses of the principal workforce that uncovers opportunities for improvement.

Missing Out on Strong School Leaders? A Survey of Principal Hiring and Support in Washington State

This report explores how Washington State school districts hire and support its principals. A 2013 survey of Washington superintendents and principals highlights areas of concern but also reasons for optimism.

Conserving Principal and Teacher Talent

Reformers taking over a troubled big-city school system are understandably pessimistic about the educators they inherit. How could there be any good teachers or principals in a district where not even one child in ten...

Policy Barriers to School Improvement: What’s Real and What’s Imagined?

This report examines federal, state, and district barriers that principals say hinder their ability to make innovative school improvements.

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