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Human Capital

There is no doubt about how important teachers and leaders are to student learning.

That is why leaders across the country are rethinking how their districts and schools manage teacher and leader talent. To inform these management improvement efforts, CRPE examines pressing problems and new approaches related to how districts and schools find, develop, and keep teacher and leader talent.

Buried Treasure: An Impossible Job? The View From the Urban Superintendent’s Chair

Over a decade ago, CRPE conducted a set of leadership studies funded by the Wallace Foundation’s Leaders Count Initiative. Of all the reports we produced, perhaps the most interesting was on the urban superintendency. (Other...

To Take the Helm, State Ed Agencies Need a Navigator

Today the Fordham Institute added to a growing stack of reports about what states can do to support dramatic improvements in K-12 education. It’s important to think hard about states, which have constitutional authority over...

State Chiefs Need To Cage-Bust, Too

There is no escaping the idea that state education agencies (SEAs) need to step up their acts. Most are gigantic bureaucracies designed to administer state and federal programs and to hold school districts accountable for...

Don’t Manage Talent by Remote Control

Leaders of portfolio districts agree that schools should be more autonomous and accountable, and that teachers should be judged and rewarded on the basis of performance. Those principles can be complementary, but the actions taken...

The Capacity Challenge: What It Takes for State Education Agencies to Support School Improvement

This study explores the primary obstacles that inhibit state education agencies from better supporting school and district improvement.

New CRPE Study of Washington State Principals

The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has received a $435,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to study principals in Washington State and how they are hired and supported by the state’s...

BRIEF – Principal Concerns in Wisconsin: Focus on Future Leaders for Rural Schools

This analysis finds that over 70% of Wisconsin’s school leaders will still be on the job in five years, with rural districts most affected by upcoming retirements.

Principal Concerns in Indiana: Focus on Developing Current Principals

This analysis finds two thirds of Indiana principals will likely still be leading schools in five years, suggesting the state should focus on evaluating, supporting, and developing its current school leaders.

2012 Year in Review

2012 was a very productive year at CRPE. Below is a recap of some of our more notable publications, and our webinars can be found here. New Book Strife and Progress: Portfolio Strategies For Managing...

COMMENTARY – The Sleeping Giant Awakes: To Focus on School Performance, State Departments Must Adapt

For decades, the primary function of state education agencies (SEAs) has been a passive one: to ensure compliance with a vast array of regulations and rules. That won’t be enough for SEAs of the future....

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