Narrowing the gap between pandemic research and policy

Throughout the pandemic, the Evidence Project helped decision makers in K-12 education stay ahead of the crisis by highlighting emerging innovations and anticipating changing conditions. Our team provided urgent research, data, and analyses to those that needed it most. Now, the Evidence Project focuses on post-pandemic renewal and recovery in K-12 education. By tracking and analyzing the ongoing impacts of the pandemic, we help education leaders understand lessons learned and how to best move forward with academic recovery.

The Evidence Project research network brings together researchers from around the country to…

identify problems that need attention and incentivize researchers to address those gaps.

….support and conduct rapid-response research on urgent questions.

synthesize lessons learned and aggregate national data sets to build public knowledge and engagement in education.

connect researchers, education leaders, policymakers, and funders to help encourage new collaborations and more expanded areas of research.

Want to hear the latest from the Evidence Project? Our biweekly newsletter highlights new research, media reports, and data related to K-12 pandemic recovery.

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