Consensus panel reports

During the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our priority was to conduct rapid response research to investigate how schools were handling closures and remote learning, what was working and what wasn’t, and how students were faring in the face of unprecedented academic upheaval (spoiler alert: not great). Below you’ll find an archive of our research, including our most current work on academic recovery post-pandemic. You’ll also find an archive of our pandemic-related work in the news. 



In The News

Regular tutoring can help students catch up post-pandemic, but it’s slow to roll out in Oregon

The Oregonian quotes Christine Pitts in their article about the effects of tutoring on students in Oregon. 
In The News

US students lost decades of progress in math, reading. Could this strategy be the solution?

USA Today quotes Robin Lake in their recent article on lost progress in US students. 
In The News

Accelerated Learning — Schools’ Answer for ‘Learning Loss’ — Hits Some Speed Bumps

EdSurge references CRPE's "Back to School, but Not Caught Up" report in their article about district responses to learning loss.  
In The News

Districts Are Ditching Virtual School. Is That Premature?

Education Week references CRPE's pandemic tracking data in their article about virtual learning. 
In The News

District leaders say unanticipated hurdles stifling learning recovery

K-12 Dive references CRPE's "Back to School, but Not Caught Up" report in their article about learning recovery. 
In The News

Academic acceleration has hit a snag. 6 ways leaders are forging ahead

District Administration references CRPE's "Back to School, but Not Caught Up" report in their article about academic acceleration.
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