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Barbara Talkington

Research Analyst


Barbara Talkington is a research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Prior to joining CRPE, Barbara worked as a management consultant and public policy researcher focused on human capital development, economic independence, justice, and equity. As a collector of skills, Barbara prides herself as one who can adapt to the needs of her clients and colleagues. These skills range from program development and evaluation, technical support, and policy analysis. Barbara holds a BA in Sociology from Western Washington University and a MPA from the University of Washington.


Barbara Talkington

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Families delivered innovative solutions to pandemic-fueled education disruptions. Policymakers should support them to do so again

Ashley Jochim, Barbara Talkington

After an optimistic summer, Delta’s rise and an escalating public health situation has crushed many people’s hope for a quiet, even “normal” school year.

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Statewide assessment plans are unclear and neglect remote learners

Sarah McCann, Barbara Talkington

Weeks away from the end of the school year, it’s still unclear whether assessment data will play a role in shaping academic and social-emotional intervention strategies for 2021–22.

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One size fits no one: Meeting the varied demands and needs of students

Bree Dusseault, Barbara Talkington

CRPE sought examples of districts providing outlets for students to provide feedback, and students taking advocacy into their own hands.

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Avoiding Long-Term Harm from “Do No Harm” Grading Policies

Alice Opalka, Barbara Talkington

Seattle Public Schools made local headlines for its decision to award only As or incompletes as part of its revised grading policy during COVID-19 closures.

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