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Navigating political tensions over schooling: Findings from the fall 2022 American School District Panel survey

Ashley Jochim, Melissa Kay Diliberti, Heather Schwartz, Kate Destler, Paul Hill

Public schooling has always been politically fraught, but current disagreements over issues related to race, sexuality, gender, and Covid-19 have reached a tipping point.

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What do Washington parents think about their students’ charter schools?

Lydia Rainey, Heather Casimere

In 2014, the first public charter schools opened in Washington state. The development led to years of controversy, but the debates often bypassed the opinions of people with important experience: parents of enrolled students.

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Back to school, but not caught up: After school reopenings, administrators eager to tackle learning loss continue to face challenges

Kate Destler, Paul Hill

In this report, we update our ongoing research on five school systems to reveal the academic, social, and political challenges posed by the pandemic and what system leaders and their staff are doing to address student learning loss. 

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How has the pandemic affected students with disabilities? An update on the evidence: Fall 2022

Lauren Morando Rhim, Sumeyra Ekin, Laura Stelitano

This report is the second installment of an updated set of papers that assess the best available evidence on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected America’s students.

Research Reports

Our studies span governance, systems, and practice in public education. Through our reports we help make sense of complex trends and data, communicate new possibilities for system change, and provide guidance and thought leadership to support that change.

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Independent peer review is an integral part of all CRPE research projects. Peer reviews are conducted by research or policy professionals who are not members of the CRPE project team. Some externally published work, such as commissioned papers, books and book chapters, journal articles, and op eds, may be hosted on other sites, and some may require purchase or subscriptions to view.