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Ashley Jochim, Jennifer Poon

This report offers the first in-depth look at families’ and educators’ experiences with pandemic pods.


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Perspectives that bind: Reshaping partnerships in education

Femi Vance

Partnerships between schools, families, and expanded learning providers are a powerful tool that could be used for lasting change in education.

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Pods in Action: KaiPod Learning

Steven Weiner

A new company sustaining the pandemic pod model offers flexibility to teachers, students and parents.

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‘Do this!’ How Oakland parents are fighting for better schools — and a more responsive system

Lakisha Young

Lakisha Young writes about starting The Oakland REACH.

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Pods in Action: The Oakland REACH

Eupha Jeanne Daramola

REACH’s story demonstrates the potential for community-based organizations to play a larger role in addressing both current challenges and longstanding iniquities in the public education system.

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“The most professionally satisfied I’ve been.” How could the best aspects of learning pod staffing be scaled up?

Bryan C. Hassel

Pod staffing arrangements have the potential to be replicated at a much larger scale and in a way that endures beyond the pandemic.

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Use of personalized learning platforms in one pandemic-era microschool: A case study

Christopher Doss, Elizabeth Steiner

This paper poses the question of how personalized learning platforms might affect students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.