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Accountability and State Oversight

States, along with legislatures, governors, advocacy groups, and citizens, are urging state education agencies to drive changes in K-12 education. The restructuring of work on various fronts, such as supporting struggling schools, raising standards, addressing labor market weaknesses, and strengthening educational connections, is necessary to meet these demands. Importantly, these efforts must be undertaken amidst constrained resources. The focus of our work is to explore how SEAs can effectively respond to the increasing demands they face.

Key questions guiding this exploration include:

  • What capacities need to be developed for states to act on reform agendas?
  • How can state agencies balance their compliance responsibilities with the demand for services and public oversight of K-12?
  • What actions can state legislatures, governors, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders take to support the work of SEAs?

Union militancy is rising in education beyond traditional teacher pay issues to address a broader “common good” agenda, but it seems that this progressive movement is struggling to keep its coalition united. This new era...

No shortage of ideas abound about how to address post-pandemic learning loss, mental health problems and low school attendance. But the best-sounding ideas may make demands on schools and other public agencies that they often...

More states are acknowledging the implications of artificial intelligence technology for our society and institutions, particularly our school systems. However, the emerging state-level guidance for districts is broad and avoids regulatory language, according to CRPE’s...

This piece was originally published on EdNote, the Education Commission of the States’ blog. School closures, quarantines and staffing uncertainties have contributed to the biggest math and reading declines our country has seen in more...

Senior writer and innovation fellow explains Florida’s proposed “choice navigator” program and why school choice advocates should support funding the position.

How can school systems possibly find the bandwidth to act on new visions for public education when their leaders are constantly trapped in crisis mode? One particular mechanism might allow them to pull this off:...

This report provides key lessons for states seeking to make improvements in districts and schools navigating a transition to local control.

The State of Texas passed an innovation law (Senate Bill 1882) in summer 2017 to foster partnership schools, much like those profiled in CRPE’s recent brief. CRPE research analyst Sean Gill spoke with Molly Weiner,...

As states unfurl their Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans, we’ve been hearing a common dialog from state education leaders—promising on the one hand, troubling on the other. PromisingState leaders are taking seriously the mandate...

This case study profiles the unique school improvement effort in Springfield, MA, and compares it with other turnaround strategies.

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