A “good life” for every student: High schools embrace many pathways to success

Can the lessons schools learned in the Covid-19 recovery period contribute to more lasting, transformative shifts in high school? Researchers from CRPE and the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL), with support from the Barr Foundation, studied a group of New England public high schools during the pandemic recovery period to explore this question […]

Literacy for all: The story of Sobral

The scorching, arid northeastern state of Ceará, Brazil has long been known for growing cashews and coconuts. Now, it’s defied expectations by cultivating one of the world’s best public elementary school systems, despite high rates of poverty. How Sobral transformed its public school system and attained near-universal literacy offers lessons for communities everywhere. With 85 […]

Teachers and tutors together: Reimagining literacy instruction in Oakland

High-quality tutoring has become a critical tool for addressing pandemic learning gaps and accelerating student learning, but access to tutoring programs remains an issue. CRPE took a deep look at how Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) designed and implemented a literacy program with embedded tutoring support from community partners—and the impact the effort had on […]

Communities in the driver’s seat: Intensive training, deep investment power parent-led literacy programs in Oakland

Across the country, school systems are struggling to implement effective, research-based literacy instruction and to help students recover from lost learning time during the pandemic. At the same time, school systems sit near pools of untapped talent—community members who have personally experienced the harm of inequitable school systems and now brim with passion for addressing […]

Beyond test scores: Broader academic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on American students

Recent state and national achievement exam results, as well as academic progress reports, have underscored how the Covid-19 pandemic and related school closures had a large, negative impact on students’ reading and math development. But there has been less research conducted on how the pandemic affected other academic measures beyond standardized testing, such as attendance, engagement […]

Despite staff shortages, few districts are making teaching more appealing

The exact cause of teacher shortages is still up for debate. Some experts argue that shortages are localized, while others say that the lack of teachers is due to low unemployment and other factors. Regardless, school systems face big challenges with their teacher workforce, including finding enough teacher candidates and retaining the teachers they have, […]

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