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Declining enrollment and school closures: How districts can better manage a difficult process

Susan Miller, Bing Howell, Tom Coyne

Families, teachers, and community members whose schools are closed often pay a big price. But thoughtfully structuring the problem and carefully designing the process for deciding on a solution can help reduce public conflict.

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‘It really is a community.’ Parents say Summit charter schools pivoted well in the pandemic

Heather Casimere, Lydia Rainey

As schools begin to move past the crises caused by the pandemic, Summit Public Schools in Washington state may have more bright spots than other school operators.

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With better policies – and a little help – career-relevant education can move from the exception to the rule in schools

Steven Weiner, Lisa Chu

Administrators from eight districts who nurtured new learning options reflect on what worked – and what’s still needed.

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Can districts rise to the challenge of new NAEP results? Outlook’s not so good

Robin Lake, Paul Hill

If schools & families revert to pre-pandemic habits, millions of kids may never recover lost knowledge and skills.