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Oh, the places you’ll go—or not: Graduating seniors may be unprepared for the future

Robin Lake

High schools must accelerate academic support and opportunities for several more waves of pandemic-era graduates.

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Voice and choice: New England students highlight which pandemic-era changes should stay—and which should go

Lisa Chu, Maddy Sims

Research on the pandemic’s negative impact on student learning, peer-to-peer relationships, and teenagers’ mental health makes it easy to assume high schoolers are eager to “return to normal.” Yet recent conversations with high school students throughout New England reveal very different hopes for this period of recovery.

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Many districts are doing less this summer to make up for lost learning

Lisa Chu, Christine Pitts

Even after an additional year to plan and more federal recovery dollars available, districts’ 2022 summer programs are mostly the same as last year.

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How 100 large and urban districts are (and aren’t) engaging stakeholders

Alvin Makori, Bree Dusseault

Districts are supposed to gather local feedback on how to spend their ESSER pandemic relief money. One year in, 1 out of 3 may not be complying