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Pandemic Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a hard truth: A rigid system designed more than a century ago is ill-equipped to meet students’ needs. Despite the heroic efforts of many educators, a system that left too many children behind in the best of times failed to serve them in crisis. We now have an opportunity to make dramatic improvements.

Our work has been a critical tool for educators, policymakers, journalists, and activists looking to hold leaders accountable and build a better future after COVID. We are the go-to source for quality research about school district plans, the threats to equity and school quality posed by the pandemic, and innovations that have emerged.

Tracking Pandemic Data

Data and analysis of pandemic plans from 100 large and urban districts that serve nearly 10 million students

Tracking State Actions

Data and analysis of fall 2021 reopening guidance for all fifty states and Washington, D.C.

Learning Innovations

Findings and best practices from learning pods, learning hubs, and other pandemic innovations

Unique Learners

Practices implemented during the pandemic that may better support students with disabilities

The State of the American Student

A guide to pandemic recovery and reinvention

Crisis Breeds Innovation

Pandemic pods and the future of education


Learn what school system leaders say about their challenges and plans, in a periodic survey produced with RAND and other partners

Visit our one-stop-shop for evidence on teaching and learning, school, finance, and more, from a nationwide research collaborative

In partnership with The 74, CRPE shares insights on the state of education in the pandemic and the prospects for a better future for schools and students.

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