Transformative, Evidence-Based Ideas

Focus Area:

Virtual Learning, Now and Beyond

This brief provides a guide for education leaders and policymakers building a path to sustainable and quality virtual learning.

A new COVID–19 data source for answering emerging pandemic questions

This brief includes one example of how to use the COVID-19 School Data Hub, as well as how it compares to other similar US databases.

How ready are schools for Omicron? December snapshot of 100 districts

Districts head into a winter break with little clarity on their newest wrinkle: how the omicron variant will affect their operations.

Toward Better Family and Educator Engagement: Lessons from COVID Relief Dollars

School systems interested in better approaches to engaging the public must not start from scratch.

For these six schools, pandemic-era innovation demanded “know thyself”

Over the past year, we worked with six high schools in New England to learn how they’re reimagining the high school experience.

Unprecedented and Unmasked: An analysis of how district policy documents frame special education during the COVID–19 crisis

We analyzed reopening documents from the 25 largest U.S. public school districts to understand district-level messaging in the 2020–21 school year.

New England Profiles of Innovation | Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport

Great Oaks Charter School Bridgeport in Connecticut offers an example of a high dosage tutoring model that has been refined and adapted to meet local needs.

New England Profiles of Innovation | Holyoke High School

Despite pandemic-induced challenges, Holyoke school leaders and staff kept student engagement at the forefront of their efforts to ensure continuity of learning.

Shrink the cereal box—but not the school week

As health and safety concerns recede, districts are under pressure to provide fewer days and hours of student-teacher contact than before the pandemic.

The COVID crisis cracked our education system. A new reform coalition must come together to fix it in the interest of children

This piece originally appeared in The 74. Anyone who cares about kids must rejoice over their being back in school with their peers. But that should not blind us to the harsh truths we have...

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