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Innovation spotlights: Case studies in high school redesign

Educators nationwide are forging their way in a landscape shaped by pandemic-induced disruptions. Training resources designed to spark new thinking often feel outdated – especially if they were published before 2020. To address this need,...

Navigating political tensions over schooling: Findings from the fall 2022 American School District Panel survey

Public schooling has always been politically fraught, but current disagreements over issues related to race, sexuality, gender, and Covid-19 have reached a tipping point. According to a new report from the Center on Reinventing Public...

Remove the fish to clean the tank: Black education leaders discuss how leaving public schools can help save them

For Black children, the public education system is like a dirty fish tank. They’re swimming in toxic conditions like discriminatory discipline and low expectations. But before the water can be treated, those students need to...

Reinventing education: Following AI and pandemic recovery in 2023

Happy 2023! Did you, like me, take time over the break to play with one of the new artificial intelligence bots? I asked ChatGPT to write a blog in the style of Robin Lake on...

Research: achievement shows signs of improvement, but youngest kids need help

CRPE Director Robin Lake weighed in on the needs of young students as schools observe a “slow-moving rebound” in student achievement. 

‘It really is a community.’ Parents say Summit charter schools pivoted well in the pandemic

As schools begin to move past the crises caused by the pandemic, Summit Public Schools in Washington state may have more bright spots than other school operators.

Can districts rise to the challenge of new NAEP results? Outlook’s not so good

If schools & families revert to pre-pandemic habits, millions of kids may never recover lost knowledge and skills.

Back to school, but not caught up: After school reopenings, administrators eager to tackle learning loss continue to face challenges

In this report, we update our ongoing research on five school systems to reveal the academic, social, and political challenges posed by the pandemic and what system leaders and their staff are doing to address...

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