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CRPE has played a crucial role in researching both the immediate and enduring impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on K-12 education. Our comprehensive studies delve into the challenges posed by the crisis, examining issues such as remote learning, educational equity, and the adaptive responses of school systems.

With a commitment to providing actionable insights, CRPE’s research has not only explored the crisis itself but also extended to the post-Covid landscape. Our work in this realm focuses on understanding how schools and districts are navigating the evolving educational dynamics, emphasizing recovery strategies, shifts in learning models, and the long-term implications for educational equity.

By analyzing the complexities of both the pandemic and the subsequent educational aftermath, CRPE aims to inform decision-makers, educators, and stakeholders with evidence-based recommendations. The overarching goal is to contribute to the development of resilient, equitable, and innovative education systems for the future.

If schools & families revert to pre-pandemic habits, millions of kids may never recover lost knowledge and skills.

Administrators wanted to tackle learning loss. Other needs came first.

In this report, we update our ongoing research on five school systems to reveal the academic, social, and political challenges posed by the pandemic and what system leaders and their staff are doing to address...

This report is the second installment of an updated set of papers that assess the best available evidence on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected America’s students. The Center on Reinventing Public Education has compiled...

Our analysis reveals dozens of New England districts’ federal spending priorities as they move forward with pandemic recovery.

Lakisha Young writes about building pathways for minoritized students to access higher-performing schools when their current schools were closed during the pandemic.

This executive summary provides highlights of the primary findings and recommendations from the State of the American Student: Fall 2022 report that draws on data the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has collected and...

This report draws on data the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) has collected and synthesized over the course of the pandemic. It outlines the contours of the crisis American students faced during the Covid-19...

To accompany CRPE’s inaugural State of the American Student report in 2022, researchers and experts assembled a fast facts one-pager for readers to use as they follow the recovery and reinvention of U.S. schools from...

CRPE’s September 2022 brief, “Shifting students: A look at Washington State school enrollment from 2020 to 2022,” found that fewer students were enrolled in the state’s traditional public schools in 2021-22 than 2019-20, while enrollment...

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