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Whack-A-Mole: School Systems Respond to Disrupted Learning in 2021

This report complements our latest fall 2021 survey research from the American School District Panel with in-depth interviews of leaders on the ground in five school systems.

Lessons for Improving Curriculum from the COVID–19 Pandemic

There have been countless challenges faced by American families with school-aged children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the many challenges specifically relating to education has been ensuring children had access to a challenging academic curriculum....

The Demand Side of Alternative Education Products

Survey results show there is potentially a robust market for learning pods, or similar arrangements such as microschools, hybrid homeschools, and homeschool cooperatives.

Finding teachers and bus drivers is a big problem, but a different staffing challenge is looming in school districts

The American School District Panel surveyed school districts nationwide to better understand their staffing challenges in the pandemic’s third school year.

How districts can get serious about career-relevant learning, even in the midst of a pandemic

To be successful, new career pathways must include strategies for overcoming hard-wired habits, schedules, outcome metrics, and course offerings all focused on college prep.

A new COVID–19 data source for answering emerging pandemic questions

This brief includes one example of how to use the COVID-19 School Data Hub, as well as how it compares to other similar US databases.

How ready are schools for Omicron? December snapshot of 100 districts

Districts head into a winter break with little clarity on their newest wrinkle: how the omicron variant will affect their operations.

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