A “good life” after high school: How schools can help students prepare

Today’s students are struggling after they leave the K-12 system: fewer students are enrolling in college, and more of those who enroll are floundering and at risk of dropping out. Meanwhile, many who seek to enter the workforce must discover and select a career pathway on their own if their school focuses mostly on college […]

Interconnected problems, interconnected strategies: Using “strategy braiding” to address teacher workforce challenges

This blog is part of a three-part series on school systems that have been implementing workforce innovations or strategic staffing solutions for several years. The teacher workforce faces a host of post-pandemic challenges, including exacerbated staffing shortages and high levels of burnout. However, one educational leader noted, “Everyone wants single-thread solutions within single verticals… You […]

What lies ahead for teachers unions’ common good agendas

Union militancy is rising in education beyond traditional teacher pay issues to address a broader “common good” agenda, but it seems that this progressive movement is struggling to keep its coalition united. This new era began in 2018 when the Red For Ed movement sought dramatic pay increases in red states (Arizona, Kentucky, Oklahoma, and […]

New state AI policies released: Signs point to inconsistency and fragmentation

In October 2023, CRPE reported that only California and Oregon had provided schools with guidance on navigating AI, while 13 other states planned to release similar guidance. Since then, three additional states have weighed in: North Carolina, West Virginia, and Washington. Virginia’s governor also released an executive order for “AI integration throughout education” that directs its state […]

Teachers alone can’t address the literacy crisis

This commentary was originally published by EdSource.  Improving literacy instruction is once again in fashion among America’s policy circles. Between 2019 and 2022, state legislatures passed more than 200 bills that sought to push and pull public schools to embrace the “science of reading.” But one year into closely following a big city school district’s effort to remake […]

Ten predictions about learning recovery, innovation in public education in 2024

This piece is part of CRPE’s 30th anniversary series, a collection of thought pieces focused on the future of education. This piece was originally published by The 74. The ever-quotable Yogi Berra said it well: “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Nevertheless, we at the Center on Reinventing Public Education are jumping […]

Leader-to-leader collaboration: Real talk, real results

This past November was a dream come true for The Oakland REACH—and for me as a leader. For two days, leaders from Rochester, Birmingham, New Orleans, Greenville, Jacksonville, Providence, Boston, and San Francisco, Richmond, and Oakland, CA, gathered together for our first-ever REACH Way Institute (RWI).

These leaders represented the opportunity to impact 350,000 students. I still cannot find the right words to express how much it meant to have groups from all over the country come to learn—not just from us, but from one another. We built an instant community that affirmed just how critical leader collaboration is.

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