Addressing pandemic fallout: New call for proposals

Test scores have plummeted and racial disparities are widening. Student misbehavior and adult political disputes are disrupting teaching. Mental health needs are soaring. And more graduates are opting out of immediate college enrollment, bypassing the traditional path into America’s professional workforce – potentially for good. To address such urgent developments, the Center on Reinventing Public […]

Pandemic devastation demands more student-centered learning practices

This article was originally published on Ed Post.  After three disrupted school years, America’s K-12 learners collectively have significant unfinished learning and unmet mental health needs. While educators are working hard to help their students, our school systems simply aren’t designed to address gaps this large. The urgency to address the wildly disparate and varying needs of […]

New frames for new constituencies

This commentary is a response to the Center on Reinventing Public Education’s State of the American Student project, an effort launched in fall 2022 to track and report on pandemic recovery and school reimagining efforts over the next five years. In a new collection of essays about improving American education published by Opportunity America, CRPE Director Robin Lake argues that […]

Innovation spotlights: Case studies in high school redesign

Educators nationwide are forging their way in a landscape shaped by pandemic-induced disruptions. Training resources designed to spark new thinking often feel outdated – especially if they were published before 2020. To address this need, the Center on Reinventing Public Education at Arizona State University and the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) at […]

‘Avoid hearing screams:’ More than 40% of district leaders are managing debates over CRT. Their tactics could help ease tensions over AP African American Studies.

A teacher helps a student with an assignment.

The debate over how schools should teach about race heightened this week when the College Board released a framework for a new Advanced Placement course in African-American studies that reduced some of the content from a pilot version — content supported by hundreds of Black scholars and progressives but criticized by prominent conservatives. The national fervor over the content of […]

A review: What we learned after 3 years of studying charters in Washington state

The pandemic prompted major shifts in public school enrollment and models for learning in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. After three years, our study of these effects on Washington state’s charter schools has generated a number of important findings, which we invite you to explore now that our project has ended. We sought […]

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