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CRPE has played a crucial role in researching both the immediate and enduring impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on K-12 education. Our comprehensive studies delve into the challenges posed by the crisis, examining issues such as remote learning, educational equity, and the adaptive responses of school systems.

With a commitment to providing actionable insights, CRPE’s research has not only explored the crisis itself but also extended to the post-Covid landscape. Our work in this realm focuses on understanding how schools and districts are navigating the evolving educational dynamics, emphasizing recovery strategies, shifts in learning models, and the long-term implications for educational equity.

By analyzing the complexities of both the pandemic and the subsequent educational aftermath, CRPE aims to inform decision-makers, educators, and stakeholders with evidence-based recommendations. The overarching goal is to contribute to the development of resilient, equitable, and innovative education systems for the future.

Chris Stewart and Michael Casserly both cite CRPE’s work in a debate on whether America’s schools responded effectively to COVID-19.

Robin Lake is interviewed on WBUR’s Here & Now about learning losses during COVID-19.

CRPE’s analysis of school district COVID-19 plans is cited in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

CRPE’s nationally representative review of school system COVID-19 plans is cited in The New York Times.

Paul Hill is quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle on ending the school year early due to COVID-19.

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