Study: How districts are responding to AI and what it means for the new school year

A child holds a lightbulb with the text AI superimposed over the lightbulb.

This piece was originally published in The 74. Districts are responding in divergent ways to artificial intelligence’s potential to reshape teaching and learning, and most have refrained from defining a districtwide stance for schools to navigate AI, according to a review by the Center on Reinventing Public Education at Arizona State University. By searching for district communications […]

Shockwaves and innovations: How nations worldwide are dealing with AI in education

1950s children gather around a futuristic spinning globe.

This piece was originally published in The 74. Lake: Other countries are quickly adopting artificial intelligence in schools. Lessons from Singapore, South Korea, India, China, Finland and Japan. Rapid developments in artificial intelligence, especially generative AI (which is trained to analyze large amounts of data and can produce original content) have taken U.S. schools by […]

Review finds states slow to give guidance on how teachers, schools should use AI

This piece was originally published on The 74. Dusseault & Lee: Other than Hawaii’s, no education department has publicly focused on policies governing artificial intelligence in the classroom. Developments in artificial intelligence technology have exploded into the mainstream this year and welcomed people to summon text, audio and images with a few user-friendly AI prompts. The technology […]

New report: Crisis in classroom instruction thwarts academic recovery

A kindergarten teacher assigns students to the different activity centers they want to explore.

In a report released today, the Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) delivers new information on the dire state of classroom instruction and its detrimental impact on academic recovery in the aftermath of three years of learning disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The report, “Teaching recovery? Three years in, school system leaders report that […]

SEL, mentoring, career prep: Schools that deliver what parents say they want

This piece was originally published in The 74. Waite: Changing the DNA of how schools educate students is hard, long-term work. A diverse set of 251 schools are showing what that work looks like. In the aftermath of the pandemic, lawmakers, researchers and advocates have expended enormous efforts to determine what the American public, particularly […]

Addressing pandemic fallout: New call for proposals

Test scores have plummeted and racial disparities are widening. Student misbehavior and adult political disputes are disrupting teaching. Mental health needs are soaring. And more graduates are opting out of immediate college enrollment, bypassing the traditional path into America’s professional workforce – potentially for good. To address such urgent developments, the Center on Reinventing Public […]

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