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Shifting students: A look at Washington State school enrollment from 2020 to 2022

As in other states, enrollment in Washington State’s public schools has shifted during the Covid-19 pandemic. This brief examines enrollment changes in Washington’s district, charter, private, and home schools from September 2019 to September 2021....

Reporter’s Guide: Questions for assessing how your state or district is tracking pandemic impact and recovery

To accompany CRPE’s inaugural State of the American Student report in 2022, researchers and experts assembled a guide with critical questions for media to consider as they follow the recovery — and we hope, the...

School mask, vaccine mandates are mostly gone. But what if the virus comes back?

As 100 large districts gear up for a “normal” year, it’s not clear what will happen should another deadly COVID variant arise.

From pods to public schools: Bringing the best of pandemic learning to traditional systems

For more than two years, CRPE has studied the practices and impact of pandemic learning pods in hopes of identifying lessons that can be applied more broadly to improving public education for all students. In...

Remote learning options are shutting down as school reopens in fall 2022

Large districts more likely to keep pre-pandemic virtual programs than those created when Covid-19 closed schools and forced classes online

Student achievement gaps and the pandemic: A new review of evidence from 2021–2022

This report begins the second round of an updated series of papers that aim to provide a definitive account of the best available evidence on how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected America’s students.

Oh, the places you’ll go—or not: Graduating seniors may be unprepared for the future

High schools must accelerate academic support and opportunities for several more waves of pandemic-era graduates.

Many districts are doing less this summer to make up for lost learning

Even after an additional year to plan and more federal recovery dollars available, districts’ 2022 summer programs are mostly the same as last year.

How 100 large and urban districts are (and aren’t) engaging stakeholders

Districts are supposed to gather local feedback on how to spend their ESSER pandemic relief money. One year in, one out of three may not be complying.

Progress and potential: The innovations of pandemic learning communities led by leaders of color

What seven initiatives led by community leaders of color can teach us about advancing racial justice in K–12 educational spaces.

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