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Heather Schwartz

RAND Corporation


Heather Schwartz is the director of the Pre-K to 12 educational systems program and a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation.


Heather Schwartz

  • Research Reports    

Navigating political tensions over schooling: Findings from the fall 2022 American School District Panel survey

Ashley Jochim, Melissa Kay Diliberti, Heather Schwartz, Kate Destler, Paul Hill

Public schooling has always been politically fraught, but current disagreements over issues related to race, sexuality, gender, and Covid-19 have reached a tipping point.

  • The Lens    

Finding teachers and bus drivers is a big problem, but a different staffing challenge is looming in school districts

Michael DeArmond, Heather Schwartz, Paul Hill

The American School District Panel surveyed school districts nationwide to better understand their staffing challenges in the pandemic’s third school year.

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