Roohi Sharma

Research Analyst


Roohi Sharma is a former research analyst at CRPE.


Roohi Sharma

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Community health, vaccination policies & local preference: How 100 districts are reopening after COVID-19 shutdowns

Bree Dusseault, Roohi Sharma

Urban districts across the country have taken a sharp turn toward in-person and hybrid learning in the start of 2021.

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Finding a Great Fit: Improving the School Choice Process for Students with Disabilities

Lanya McKittrick, Robin Lake, Sivan Tuchman, Travis Pillow, Roohi Sharma

Two briefs provide a summary of the special education landscape in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., and offer recommendations for further steps that might be taken to strengthen the cities’ support structures for parents of children with disabilities.

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Seizing the Opportunity: Educating Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools

Michael DeArmond, Sean Gill, Betheny Gross, Georgia Heyward, Robin Lake

This report is the first step in developing an evidence base about how charter schools meet the needs of unique learners, how they can improve in this work, and what aspects of chartering as a governance model support or impede their ability to do so.

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The Slowdown in Bay Area Charter School Growth: Causes and Solutions

Robin Lake, Roohi Sharma, Alice Opalka

This report examines why charter school growth in the San Francisco Bay Area has slowed dramatically and offers solutions for cities nationwide to encourage the development of new high-quality schools.

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