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Sivan Tuchman

Research Analyst


Sivan Tuchman is a former research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education.


Sivan Tuchman

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All Together Now: Getting Students with Disabilities What They Need During the Pandemic

Katy Bateman, Sivan Tuchman

During the 2020–21 school year, we learned through a series of interviews that most teachers missed out on the power of collaborative interactions between general and special educators.

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How Is School Enrollment in Washington State Shifting during COVID-19?

Sivan Tuchman, Georgia Heyward

This brief examines shifts in Washington State’s public school enrollment after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Research Reports    

Support Every Student: Lessons from Five Charter Schools on Effective Special Education During the Pandemic

Lanya McKittrick, Betheny Gross, Sivan Tuchman, Sean Gill

In-depth case studies of five charter schools reveal lessons learned on educating students with disabilities remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Research Reports    

What Does It Take to Educate Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities in General Education Settings? Lessons from Washington’s Public Charter Schools

Georgia Heyward, Travis Pillow, Sivan Tuchman

This report includes in-depth case studies of five Washington State charter schools to understand their strategies for full inclusion of students with disabilities, and offers recommendations to school leaders and policymakers.

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It helps to start small: Lessons on launching schools of choice in a pandemic

Sivan Tuchman

“How are we going to [recruit students and families to] this school, because we can’t do anything in person?”  This question, which we heard expressed by one founder of a new-school-to-be in Washington State, is being asked by thousands of schools of choice across the country, ever since most of them closed their campuses last March.

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Federal Special Education Guidance is Clear; Now States Must Step Up

Sivan Tuchman, Lanya McKittrick

States are the first line of support to help schools translate federal special education guidance into practice. But our first-of-its-kind analysis shows the amount of help they provide varies widely in different parts of the country. 

  • Research Reports    

Finding a Great Fit: Improving the School Choice Process for Students with Disabilities

Lanya McKittrick, Robin Lake, Sivan Tuchman, Travis Pillow, Roohi Sharma

Two briefs provide a summary of the special education landscape in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., and offer recommendations for further steps that might be taken to strengthen the cities’ support structures for parents of children with disabilities.

  • Research Reports    

Seizing the Opportunity: Educating Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools

Michael DeArmond, Sean Gill, Betheny Gross, Georgia Heyward, Robin Lake

This report is the first step in developing an evidence base about how charter schools meet the needs of unique learners, how they can improve in this work, and what aspects of chartering as a governance model support or impede their ability to do so.

  • Research Reports    

California Charter Schools: Costs, Benefits, and Impact on School Districts

Robin Lake, Ashley Jochim, Paul Hill, Sivan Tuchman

Three new briefs assess the impact of California charter schools on school districts.

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The Enrichment Gap: The Educational Inequity That Nobody Talks About

Sivan Tuchman, Travis Pillow

Note: In celebration of our 25th anniversary, CRPE released Thinking Forward: New Ideas for a New Era of Public Education. The research discussed in this blog post shows how ideas from two essays in that volume—Educational Equality in the Future: Risks and Opportunity and Beyond the Bell: Leveraging Community Assets for an Expanded Learning System—play out on the ground in Denver, Colorado.

  • Research Reports    

Access to Out-of-School Resources in Denver

Sivan Tuchman

This working paper analyzes data from ReSchool Colorado’s “Blueprint4SummerCO” platform to understand  supply and demand of summer programs Denver.

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In Washington State, New Choices for Students with Disabilities

Sivan Tuchman

In our recent special education study, we found that Washington state’s charter schools are serving students with disabilities at a higher rate than the national charter school average.

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Are Washington Charter Public Schools Serving Students with Disabilities?

Sivan Tuchman, Christine Campbell, Georgia Heyward

This brief presents data on how special education students in Washington state are being served in charter public schools, using a national and local context.

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The Special-Education Graduation Conundrum

Sivan Tuchman, Robin Lake

As the recent debacle at Washington D.C.’s Ballou High school showed, it’s not always clear whether graduation rates mean anything about whether a student is prepared for college or career.

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Reforming the School Choice Rhetoric

Sivan Tuchman

I often find myself thrust into different worlds within the school choice community. These worlds are defined by the underlying political ideology of the organizations advocating for various types of choice.

  • The Lens    

Disability Rights Advocates Are Fighting the Wrong Fight on School Choice

Robin Lake, Sivan Tuchman

Many respected national groups have recently set their sights on school choice as the new battlefront for disability rights. They are anywhere from open to highly skeptical to adamantly opposed to charter schools and private school choice, often aligning with teachers unions to try to block new proposals or to re-regulate existing policies.

  • Research Reports    

Grappling With Discipline in Autonomous Schools: New Approaches From D.C. and New Orleans

Betheny Gross, Sivan Tuchman

This report profiles leading efforts by two cities to bring consistency and fairness to discipline practices in both district and charter schools.

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