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Educational Equality in the Future: Risks and Opportunity

This essay examines the implications of a more customized, agile system for the students who have historically lacked full access to learning opportunities. Auditing access to the growing number of out-of-school learning experiences, providing financial support for nonschool educational services, investing in guidance and support to help families navigate a growing number of options, tracking access and success in postsecondary pathways, developing approaches to student success, and addressing preparation gaps all may be necessary to ensure that the most disadvantaged students have equal access to the full range of educational opportunities enjoyed by their more advantaged peers, argues author Ashley Jochim.

“If people who care about public education do not open themselves up to new ways to address inequality, not only will they give up the chance to break through the political deadlock that has characterized school reform fights, but they also are unlikely to make headway in equalizing opportunity for American students,” writes Jochim.

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