The Center on Reinventing Public Education is a research and policy analysis center at the University of Washington Bothell developing systemwide solutions for K–12 public education.

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Linking State and Local School Improvement

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act gives states and local school systems greater discretion and responsibility for improving schools. Yet state agencies are constitutionally responsible for providing effective public education, and for stepping in when localities fail to deliver results. CRPE is working to inform state chiefs and education agencies, governors and legislative staff, and state advocacy groups about how to promote and support the most promising local improvement efforts. Learn more...

Portfolio Strategy

CRPE formulated the portfolio strategy as a problem-solving framework through which education and civic leaders develop a citywide system of high-quality, diverse, autonomous public schools. It moves past a one-size-fits-all approach to education. It puts educators directly in charge of their schools, empowers parents to choose the right schools for their children, and focuses school system leaders on overseeing school success. The goal of the strategy is to ensure that every student has access to high-quality learning options.

District-Charter Collaboration

Education leaders in 23 cities have signed cross-sector collaboration agreements, designed to foster productive relationships between school districts and charter schools. Working to share resources and best practices, and committing to equity and common accountability, these leaders aim to improve outcomes for all students in their cities. CRPE researchers track progress on these agreements, report on local political, legal, and financial barriers to collaboration, and facilitate networking and problem solving between cities.

Making School Choice Work

In many cities, school choice is complex, with district, charter, and state agencies overseeing schools, sometimes all within the same city. In places with multiple public school options, how can civic and education leaders create a choice system that works for all families?
We are conducting a multi-year research project that includes case studies, parent surveys, and interviews with policymakers and school and community leaders in “high-choice” cities to identify challenges like uneven school quality and lack of transportation. We're also studying promising solutions such as unified enrollment and common accountability systems, as well as parent information programs, to learn what works and what needs to be refined.
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