The Think Forward New England project, funded by the Barr Foundation, examines the opportunities and challenges high schools encounter when striving to create or revamp support systems for the well-being of all their students.

Starting in 2020, CRPE began studying both pandemic learning disruptions and promising examples of innovation. Our recent case study report, published in partnership with the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) illustrated how in some high schools, the pandemic exacerbated an ongoing shift from a narrow vision of student success (like a high school diploma or the “college for all” model) to a more expansive vision of individualized pathways, all of which can lead to a “good life” in adulthood. Achieving such a vision requires both new designs for high schools and rigorous attention to how differentiated postsecondary pathways can promote opportunity for all, rather than perpetuate existing inequalities.

In 2024, we continue to research this region with a laser focus on high school innovation and systems transformation.

Use the quick links below to explore our reports, case studies, and other work. We’ve also included our funding data so users can see how schools are (and are not) investing federal funds for a more equitable academic recovery.



Our latest reports on high school innovation in New England.


Our teaching cases tell stories of innovation as works in progress. They also include discussion questions about important dilemmas in high school redesign.

Grades as a lever to support student learning: One school’s attempt to rethink traditional grading​ »

Should daily attendance be a measure of success? Prioritizing community building and student engagement​ »

Different choices, equal chances: Helping high school students achieve success on their own terms »

From enrollment to completion: Supporting equitable outcomes in challenging coursework »

Is a diploma enough? Setting ambitious visions for success in high schools »

A new normal: Maintaining high expectations and flexibility for high school students »

2021 collection

New England Profiles of Innovation | Nokomis Regional High School

This profile of Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, Maine details the school’s practices that have made it successful, how they have adapted in the fact of the pandemic, and how other school communities can begin conversations about creating flexible pathways for students to design components of their own high school experience.

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New England Profiles of Innovation | Map Academy

This profile of Map Academy from CRPE and the Christensen Institute details the school’s practices that have proven successful, how they have adapted in the face of the pandemic, and how other school communities can begin to make their systems and structures more responsive to students’ needs and interests.

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Other publications and blogs related to our work in systems innovation.


Our database allows users to track American Rescue Plan spending decisions, and our analyses are designed to help advocates facilitate critical conversations about relief spending.


This database tracks district ARP spending decisions in New England. To learn more about how the database was created, please reference the fact sheet below.
This database was last updated in September 2022. 



We wish to extend special thanks to the Barr Foundation for supporting this project.

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