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Portfolio Strategy

The portfolio strategy is a problem-solving framework through which education and civic leaders develop a citywide system of high-quality, diverse, autonomous public schools.

It moves past the one-size-fits-all approach to education. Portfolio systems place educators directly in charge of their schools, empower parents to choose the right schools for their children, and focus school system leaders – such as in a district central office or school authorizer – on overseeing school success.

Put Learning First: A Portfolio Approach to Public Schools

This paper details the portfolio management approach—a new vision for education reform that fosters innovation, adaptability, and performance.

Buried Treasure: Developing a Management Guide From Mountains of School Data

This report provides a practical discussion of what is required to develop a school district management guide, along with an actual guide built on evidence-based indicators.

An Impossible Job? The View From the Urban Superintendent’s Chair

Based on a survey and on interviews with superintendents from the nation’s largest urban districts, this study explores the working life of urban superintendents. This report is second in second in the Center’s leadership series....

BRIEF – An Impossible Job? The View From the Urban Superintendent’s Chair

This is the research brief for the second report in the Center’s leadership series; an examination of large-district school superintendents.

Big City School Boards: Problems and Options

This report summarizes the functions of school boards, identifies some of the problems with big city school boards, and suggests options for reorienting boards around the trusteeship of the children they serve.

Stimulating the Supply and Building the Capacity of New Schools and School Developers: Recommendations for the Design and Implementation of a New Schools Incubator

An increasingly pressing issue impacting the quality of educational services in the United States is the country’s growing need for new public schools equipped to meet the unique demands of this generation’s students and policy...

High Schools with Character

This paper analyzes big-city high schools: how they function and how the education of the low-income minority youth in these high schools can be improved.

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