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The world is changing. It is long past time for public education to change as well.

Our current research centers on the changing education landscape in our post-pandemic world and how school systems can meet the ever-evolving needs of students. This includes work in innovative school solutions, responsive systems and policies, workforce innovation, community-led solutions, and the advent of AI.

This report sketches a strong and unique accountability system for Washington State, one that is driven by measurements of student performance and incentives to improve, creates clear lines of responsibility, gives every school a chance...

This report examines the “supply side” of education reform – the extent to which proposals to decentralize public education can be implemented by the individuals, groups, or institutions prepared to operate schools in the new...

This Report describes the mission, functions, capabilities and plans of a potential nonprofit Technical Assistance Activity (TAA) for charter school applicants under House Bill 1834, the Charter School Act previously under consideration by the Pennsylvania...

This is a guidebook for school boards and other government agencies given the power to permit private individuals and groups to operate autonomous public schools under state charter school legislation.

In September of 1995, the Program on Reinventing Public Education invited twelve experts to Seattle for a workshop about the business side of charter school start-up. This report summarizes the strategies for charter school start-up...

This report was written for a very specialized audience—individuals considering the passage or amendment of charter school legislation.

In this article, Paul Hill argues that there is ample evidence that universal public school choice would strongly benefit all children, including the disadvantaged, by promoting candid and demanding relationships among teachers, parents, and students....

This article provides details about the charter school concept: its relationship to other well-known proposals for school reform, the essential characteristics of a charter school, and the approaches taken by states to implement the charter...

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