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Special Education in Charter Schools

Are students with special needs being educated effectively in charter schools?

Our analyses of special education enrollment and identification bring evidence to the issue of enrollment gaps between public charter and traditional schools. We have also studied promising new special education funding and service delivery models in New Orleans, which may provide scalable solutions to other cities. Our research provides an evidence base for the policy, practitioner, and research communities to inform more thoughtful policy responses in states and cities with enrollment gaps.

Due to the special vulnerability of their children and the due process rights built into special education statutes, parents of special-needs children are extreme choosers. They seek—and have the power of law behind them—the precise...

This year’s edition explores how charter school achievement varies across the sector, how the educational strategies used by charters differ from those used in traditional public schools, how charters are providing unique opportunities to diverse...

This overview of Hopes, Fears, & Reality: A Balanced Look at American Charters Schools in 2008 introduces the key areas explored in this year’s volume and notes that charter schools are more different than alike,...

This report presents findings from exploratory case studies of six charter schools identified due to their reported success educating children with disabilities.

This report addresses choices made at the intersection of two very important trends in education: special education and charter schools.

This report explores the various difficulties charter schools face related to educating children with disabilities and examines potential opportunities to address those.

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