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This collection encompasses much of CRPE’s foundational research, including school finance and portfolio strategy. While our current focus is in other areas of research, we believe that our past work is still highly relevant today. Further, should the field call for new explorations of these topics, we always leave open the possibility of reviving these research areas.

This report summarizes the functions of school boards, identifies some of the problems with big city school boards, and suggests options for reorienting boards around the trusteeship of the children they serve.

Many foundations have put funds into urban school reform. The paper suggests that foundation giving needs to be backed up by a clear theory of change and that foundation officials need to know whether the...

This paper presents the first results of a series of studies on within-district spending patterns. It provides an overview of some early analysis of variations in spending among schools within three districts.

This paper looks at five trends in education and what they imply about the kinds of buildings and spaces districts will need for tomorrow’s schools.

An increasingly pressing issue impacting the quality of educational services in the United States is the country’s growing need for new public schools equipped to meet the unique demands of this generation’s students and policy...

This paper analyzes big-city high schools: how they function and how the education of the low-income minority youth in these high schools can be improved.

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